Lirik Lagu Sick Life dari Ericko Lim

Ericko lim sick life

Lagu Sick Life yang dinyanyikan oleh Ericko Lim ini dirilis tahun 20220. Lagu ini telah mendapatkan 3,2 Juta tayangan di Youtube.

Berikut ini lirik lagu Sick Life lengkap dengan video klipnya.

Lirik Sick Life

[Verse 1]
Im alone
Sitting in my room thinking bout off the zone
Callin my daddy and mommy but i got no phone
Since i was a child got no place to call it home
Then im going big buy myself but still alone

Now they told me to believe in god
I wanna thank him but i know its hard
But i know that he doing some part
Help me put the sign like a shooting stars

[Verse 2]
Now im lost
Poppin more pills so i can feel the most
Everybody trynna killing me and my thoughts
Then i slit my wrist, nobody gonna stop
Me from a suicide and im lost

Break out of cell yeah like its from the hell
I meet the devil in my room like goddamn
I never think about this kind of life
But fuck it its my lowest i was kinda high

Real life hitting on me
And the devil trynna get me
I’ve been fighting with the satan
I’ve been dancing with the devil

Im facing on some karma i put it on my face
But now im doing fine, thanks for the J

[Verse 3]
Now i realize
My life is never better from the start
A lotta people change but a lot people got me
From the bottom of the deepest heart
I thank a lot of you
I thank myself now

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