Lirik Lagu Middle Ground dari Mikha Angelo

Mikha angelo middle ground

Lagu Middle Ground yang dinyanyikan oleh Mikha Angelo ini dirilis tahun 2020. Lagu ini telah mendapatkan 43 ribu tayangan diyoutube. Berikut ini video klipnya :

Dan berikut ini lirik lagu Middle Ground yang dipopulerkan oleh Mikha Angelo.

I am where you used to find me
Wandering in my own head
Like i always do

You, with all the burden on your shoulder
Running out of composure
Like you always do

I’m scared you’ll leave me for far too long
I’m finding a dark way to say what i’m feeling
I don’t want to leave you, i know that you’re lonely
I hope we’ll find the middle ground

Just say you want me
Say that you need me
And i’ll go in a hurry
I am here i’m sorry

Just say you love me
And I’ll say i know
Mama you don’t have to worry
I am here i’m sorry

We we used too many hours
Trying to find the answer
Like we always do

Life, keeps hiding all its reasons
It’s driving me insane
Like it always do

Wanna be a better man
Learn from all the pain i’m feeling
I hope i have the time to show you