Lirik Lagu Human dari Mikha Angelo

Mikha angelo human

Lagu Human yang dinyanyikan oleh Mikha Angelo ini dirilis tahun 2020. Lagu ini telah mendapat 4,8 ribu tayangan di youtube. Berikut ini video klipnya :

Dan berikut ini lirik lagu Human dari Mikha Angelo.

I’m afraid
I’ve been here way too long
And i lost my way

Feeling like my mind has been misplaced
Trying to come back home
But my feet’s gone
Feels so wrong

Look around
This place is filled with people with a crown
Ruling over someone else’s ground

Trying to find a home
But it’s gone
Feels so wrong
I don’t like you like i used to
I put my heart on my hand but i hate to pretend
that i love you

I can’t feel the way you do
There’s a place for all our ways
So why would i want to

I’ll follow you wherever you go
Cause there’s no other choice that i would know
Trying to be free, but i’m stuck in
Way too deep

But the reality is i can’t believe
That we are more than just a piece
Of something that our eyes can’t see
So put my mind on a leash
Since you wanna be king, yeah

How many hours have to go until you see
Doing the same mistakes you did before
Living as if there hasn’t been no history
This is not how we’re supposed to be

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